The 10 Largest Domestic Cat Breeds

Elegant and mysterious, cats are captivating companions. Their popularity has been unwavering for decades, and today's modern enthusiasts have a vast selection of wonderful breeds to admire and choose from.

While all cats are "purrfect" in their own amazing ways, some simply stand out of the crowd, quite literally: several breeds are known about their mighty sizes. Below is our tribute to these majestic mousers: meet the 10 largest domestic cat breeds we simply admire!

1. Maine Coon

One of the largest of the domesticated cat breeds, these gentle giants deserve the first place on our list, especially because they are amongst the top three of America's favorite breeds as well.

Who could resist a chunky, soft, cuddly, and fluffy feline that's also extremely friendly and loving? Folklore rumor has it, these cats are related to racc​​​​oons, and while this is obviously a tall tale, these looks and personality have won many admirers to them, us included.

How Big Can Maine Coons Grow?

  • weight of adult males: 13-18 lb
  • weight of adult females: 8-12 lb
  • height: 10-16 inches
  • length: around 40 inches

What is the Personality of a Maine Coon Like?

  • playful, friendly, curious
  • active, independent, dog-like
  • cuddly, laid back lap cats
  • quiet, chirping more than meowing
  • adaptable, easily getting along with dogs and other pets in the household

2. Norwegian Forest Cat

Extremely laid-back, loving, and sweet-natured, these cats come from North Europe, don't mind a rugged environment, and may take years to mature to their fully grown size! Their lush, thick, and heavy coat requires a lot of dedicated care by their fortunate owners.

They are perfect companion for children and grow attached to your other household pets as well. Watch out, however, as they love to climb and jump; they don't mind using your furniture to leap off of!

How Big Can Norwegian Forest Cats Grow?

  • weight of adult males: 12-16 lb
  • weight of adult females: 9-12 lb
  • height: 12-18 inches

What is the Personality of a Norwegian Forest Cat Like?

  • extremely intelligent, fast learners
  • independent and inquisitive
  • very playful, with kids and dogs too!
  • sociable and loving, but not lap cats
  • can be quite expressive with their vocals

3. Siberian Cat

Meet another hardy and robust Nordic feline! These cats steal your heart by being one of the most affectionate, expressive, and interactive large breed you could possibly find! Better yet, many claim they are hypoallergenic, therefore they may be a suitable choice for people with allergies.

These cats are water-lovers! If you are thinking of getting one, make sure you don't mind if this playful, perpetually energetic critter chooses to splash around in your bathroom sink, or even bathtub!

How Big Can Siberian Cats Grow?

  • weight of adult males: 15-20 lb
  • weight of adult females: 12-15 lb
  • height: 13-15 inches

What is the Personality of a Siberian Cat Like?

  • playful, very active, loves to play fetch
  • relaxed and easy going
  • intelligent, great problem-solvers
  • extremely affectionate, ideal lap cats
  • very vocal, including chirping

4. Ragdoll

Would you prefer to own a cat or a doll? If you've answered "both", you are in luck with this breed! With their large, innocent blue eyes, and serene, relaxed personalities, they almost seem like a realistic toy - except, they are much, much better!

Sweet, calm, and quiet, they are ideal choice for individuals with similar traits, longing for a faithful and even-tempered companion.

How Big Can a Ragdoll Grow?

  • weight of adult males: 15-20 lb
  • weight of adult females: 10-15 lb
  • height: 15-25 inches

What is the Personality of a Ragdoll Like?

  • relaxed, calm, mellow
  • love to snuggle, perfect lap cats
  • not very vocal
  • generally lower energy levels

5. Chartreux

With their quiet and calm demeanor, dark colors, and mysterious air around them, they almost look like the Carthusian monks who -as the old french legends suggest- brought these cats to Europe from Africa and introduced them to the western world.

Your first impression may suggest that these cats are overly silent and still, but prepare to be surprised. While they are indeed not vocal -many are mute, in fact- they are well-known about their intelligence, problem-solving skills, and extreme amounts of affection towards their owners.

How Big Can a Chartreux Grow?

  • weight of adult males: 14-17 lb
  • weight of adult females: 10-13 lb
  • height: 9-11 inches

What is the Personality of a Chartreux Like?

  • quiet, observant, curious
  • affectionate, gentle, ideal lap cats
  • not at all vocal, rather, very quiet
  • adaptable, easy-going, don't mind dogs

6. American Bobtail

Who wouldn't like a uniquely intelligent cat with empathetic abilities, looking like a miniature lynx, yet enjoying to be the perfect lap cat?

While currently this is still a rather new and uncommon breed, they are already extremely popular for many reasons. Sweet, mellow, wild-looking, yet quite amenable, they are not only ideal choice for families with young children, but many would consider them one of the greatest breed to use as therapy cats, as well.

How Big Can an American Bobtail Grow?

  • weight of adult males: 14-17 lb
  • weight of adult females: 10-14 lb
  • height: 12-14 inches

What is the Personality of an American Bobtail Like?

  • very intelligent and interactive, dog-like traits
  • active and inquisitive
  • despite of high activity levels, enjoys being a lap cat, affectionate
  • can be quite vocal!

7. Pixie-Bob

Large size, wild looks, and yet a fully domesticated bloodline? We say yes! These felines may resemble to bobcats with their tufted ears and short tails, but rest assured, they are tame, mellow, and extremely sweet!

With their dog-like nature, calm and relaxed personality, and sizable polydactyl feet, they are the best choice of breed if you like to entertain the idea of owning a miniature, tame, cuddly bobcat.

How Big Can a Pixie-Bob Grow?

  • weight of adult males: 12-22 lb
  • weight of adult females: 8-12 lb
  • height: 10-13 inches

What is the Personality of a Pixie-Bob Like?

  • dog-like: curious, very interactive, likes to walk on leash
  • very affectionate, cuddly, bonds strongly
  • extremely patient, mellow, and relaxed
  • very vocal

8. Chausie

With this choice we arrive to true hybrid territory! Related to the jungle cats, Chausies definitely retained a characteristic wild look and feel about them, along with a very loving, yet slightly stubborn personality - handle with care!

Fearless and outgoing, you can rest assured that these large felines are always up to something. They are perfect for energetic, active cat lovers, who like the idea of owning an exotic looking (and acting!) cat that may turn into a loving sidekick, rather than simply a lap cat!

How Big Can a Chausie Grow?

  • weight of adult males: around 20 lb
  • weight of adult females: around 15 lb
  • height: 10-14 inches

What is the Personality of a Chausie Cat Like?

  • independent, outgoing, curious
  • loving, but not overly cuddly
  • gets along extremely well with other pets in the household
  • very interactive, not ideal choice for first time owners
  • very vocal, including loud purring!

9. Savannah Cat

When we look at these graceful, majestic cats, we instantly feel the call of the jungle, and while most of us can't quite act upon the urge to freely roam, we can play with the idea of welcoming a little -or rather, sizable- piece of the wilderness into our homes, simply by choosing a Savannah.

If you secretly wish for a large, super energetic, hybrid playmate to share your home and heart with, look no further! Depending on how much ferocity you can handle, pick a generation that's closer to -or farther away from - their wild ancestors.

How Big Can Savannah Cats Grow?

  • weight: depending on the generation, 12-25 lb
  • height: also depending on the generation, 10-17 inches

What Is the Personality of a Savannah Cat?

  • highly intelligent, curious, and adventurous
  • very energetic and independent, requiring lots of physical activity
  • very affectionate, bonds strongly, but not necessarily a lap cat
  • very vocal, with occasional African Serval-like sounds
  • can be destructive, if bored - better for experienced owners!

10. Habari

These hybrid cats may come last on this list, but their fame and popularity are just beginning to rise! With a breed so new that it is not even registered for championships yet, Habari cats are still largely unknown to the public - however, we predict, not much longer, though!

Habaris are huge, sporting a sought-after wild, spotted look, originating from their ancestors: the bengals and various other, hybrid breeds. If you are looking for a giant lap cat, they might just be your best bet, if you can afford to purchase one, that is: at this time, habari kittens can cost $20,000 and above!

How Big Can Habari Cats Grow?

  • weight of adult males: 25+ lb
  • weight of adult females:20+ lb
  • height: 18+ inches

What Is the Personality of a Habari Cat Like?

  • extremely affectionate and loving, forming a strong bond with owners
  • energetic and tireless- quite literally!
  • easy-going and love other dogs and cats
  • very vocal!

Are You in Love Yet?

We hope we have managed to convince you: while all cats are marvellous, there's just something extraordinary about these 10 largest domestic cat breeds! We are pretty much in love, and of course, firmly believe that everybody needs to own one of these glamorous felines - Fluffy or Spots, which one would you pick?

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